Places to Visit

These are some places that you may or may not find interesting.

Adam Ford

Amazon Author Page
Linked In

My web presence.

Brian Berley

Brian and i have worked together on various projects for Siren Interactive. He's a great illustrator and animator and a pretty cool guy too.

Megan Coleman

Megan worked with me at Siren Interactive. Cool person. Cool website.

Concord Academy

My high school.


I've liked this band since their first album and starting in May of 2003, i started getting more and more into being a part of their website. I actually post messages to the message board and i've met up with other fans at shows. If you look around the site, you can find my name as the gracious donor of some graphics on the site.

Alyssa Foos

Fuzzy Details

Alyssa is a cool knitter, working for a knitted world order, and maker of nifty keen kitty hats!

Ian Ford

My brother Lucas aka Ian aka Star.

Kenneth Ford

My dad.

Craig Goldsmith

I worked with Craig in Albuquerque and occasionally showed up on his overnight freeform radio show on KUNM - The Coffee Express. He's a nut, but he's a good guy.

Chuck Hawley

Chuck and i grew up together in Socorro, NM. This website needs a good redesign though.

John Kitses

I went to high school with John and always found him to be witty and entertaining. I reconnected with him after many many years at his 20th reunion in the summer of 2004.

Rob Cosmo Laucius

Rob was the perpetual intern at Siren Interactive. Someday maybe he'll make it through college and become a highly-paid Flash programmer.

Eve Prime

Ah yes, the first girl i fell in love with... She's a photographer.

Damon Schreiber

Damon's awesome photo-blog.


Ultimate Players Association

Find out all about the sport that i can't stop playing.

Albuquerque Music Wiki

I put together this Wikia site featuring the following bands:

  • Splinter Fish
  • 17 Reasons Why
  • Saha World Telegraph
  • The Fins
  • Manna From Nowhere