Adam B. Ford

Here's how to find me.

US Mail

Adam Ford
PO Box 204
East Wallingford, VT 05742-0204

Delivery and Visits

Adam Ford
29 Village St.
East Wallingford, VT 05742


(802) 259-6072

I don't have a cell phone. I don't want a cell phone. Don't make me get one.


p u t t y h e a d
@ a o l . c o m

I've been chastized for continuing to maintain my America Online email account, but i've had it since 1994, so nyeah!

And for the record, the name puttyhead comes from the twisted mind of one Mr. Eric Deibler and i just adopted it. The reason it's my AOL screen name is because when i was signing up with AOL, i tried about 10 different permutations of my real name and they were all rejected as being in use already. In frustration, i typed in "puttyhead" and it took it. So there you go.



This is my thin resume from 2004 in Acrobat PDF format. (Do a "save link target as" on that link if you don't want it loading up in this window.) If you'd like a more current resume, bug me about it.